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February 15th - April 4th 2023

8-week transformational online journey 

Expand Your Expression is an 8-week online transformational course teaching you how to elevate and jump-start your writing, poetry and/or raps, songs, live performance skills, free-styling, and overall self-expression. At the end of the course, each participant will have at least 1 complete song written and performed for the group.


I share secret tips I’ve learned in my 20+ years of experience rocking stages across the globe.  Individuals will get to collaborate, network, support, and musically hold each other accountable during this 8-week journey.  It’s super fun and I’m always stoked to share my wisdom and expertise, in service to others.


There are weekly zoom calls, awesome group lessons/activities, group sharing, special guest facilitators, a private group page where we’ll be communicating & posting videos, and a ton of value, and more.  


Week 1:  5 Pillars of Kiyoshi’s Floetic Excellence

Week 2:  Basics, benefits, and differences of rapping, poetry, and melodic singing

Week 3:  Performance techniques

Week 4:  Creating from FEELing, using the senses

Week 5:  Writing a catchy chorus

Week 6:  Song Composition:  Building the song

Week 7:  Courage to Shine:  How to put yourself out there

Week 8:  Unleashing your inner Rockstar!

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